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Welcome to our redesigned VW homepage. We have decided to clearly distinguish both Karmann Type 15 and Hebmueller registry. As previously on our site you will find the split and zwitter convertible registry. Using the registry entry on lower side of start site you can head on to the new Hebmueller registry ( ), which does not only list the existing VW type 14A and type 18A convertibles but also all known surviving Hebmueller bodies. To grant most complete information we were able to motivate many Hebmueller specialists to share their knowledge and archives as for example the Hebmueller family, Bob Gilmore, Yan Rami, Klaus Jacobsen and Steve Dressler amongst others. Both registries now are offering filters to sort listed cars by year of make, colour, condition or country. Many thanks to Niels Timmerman for designing the new registry logos. As usual we will be happy to receive your feedback to our website as well as informations about known or unknown cars. 

Have fun and enjoy the registries.

Claus Missing & Peter Schepens


As we can see there are existing today nearly the same number of Hebmüller and Karmann convertibles. The VW Hebmuller always was a very special and highly appreciated car which usually saved them from the scrapyard. The production output of roughly 700 Hebs to 10.000 split verts clearly show how many Karmanns have been disposed off during the years. In case you have knowlege about cars not being registered yet or you are able to update informations about already registered cars, please send us an email to:

Also more recent pictures or missing pictures belonging to registered cars are greatly appreciated.


KARMANN 15-04259 & 15-09448: both sold within one day!

Two of the nicest known split convertibles were sold on one day to his new and happy owner in the Netherlands. Congratulations for this deal! We hope to see them here on European VW meetings!

New owner for Karmann split convertible project 15-05078

Karmann 15-05078 is on its way over the pond from England to the USA. Good luck with your new project Richard! Send us pictures from your restauration ;-)

We need your help! Unknown split convertible project!

Has anybody informations about this KARMANN wreck? This picture popped up a few weeks ago on the internet. Chassis-, bodynumber and informations about the owner would be great!


Nice report about Claus fresh restored 1952 Barndoor Panel Van

New in Rarest of the Rare

New MOTO METER Instrument for the oval dashboard

Sweet dreams!

Check out the onliest known set of split pillow holders.


14.09.2018: many new pictures of Karmann 15-09448 and 15-04259 (CM)
17.07.2018: new pictures from Karmann 15-01809 from USA (CM)
23.06.2018: new pictures from Karmann 1-0384281 from Germany (CM)
15.05.2018: new Karmann split convertible 1-0363290 from 1952 (CM)
13.05.2018: new pictures from Karmann 15-00124 from Germany (CM)
13.05.2018: new pictures from Karmann 1-0459230 from USA (CM)
13.05.2018: new pictures from Karmann 1-0459230 from USA (CM)
12.05.2018: new pictures from Karmann 15-10478 from Denmark (KJ)
10.05.2018: new informations about Karmann 15-03169 from Bulgaria (CM)
10.05.2018: new informations about Karmann 15-03363 from Sweden (CM)


Click on the Registry logo to see the cars

Check out the new car filter in each Registry. If you have any information about unregistered or registered cars, please let us know. All incoming informations are highly appreciated!



Body number: 15-XXXXX

Chassis number: 1-0333818

Engine number: 1-0403334

Country: Finland

Year of production: 1952

Body number: 15-XXXXX

Chassis number: 1-0349003

Engine number: 1-0422410

Country: Finland

Year of production: 1952

Body number: 15-XXXXX

Chassis number: 1-0363290

Engine number: X

Country: Germany

Year of production: 1952

€ 0


Peters tribute Hebmüller

Peter did it! He has built his own Type 14A convertible with all details! 

click here


Check out our pictures from the VOLKSWORLD Show 2018 in Esher. Four Type 14a Hebmüller convertibles took part. What a great weekend! 

click here


Hellish loud, super slowly, 1952 Barndoor Panel Van! 

Ready for the road after seven years. All restouration steps are done: stripping; acid dipping; passivation; welding; KTL coating, an endless paint job and finally the mounting. Check out all pictures!

click here


June 2017: The whole VW Scene has met in Hessisch Oldendorf. Unbelieveable 900 vintage VOLKSWAGEN and 45.000 visitors from all over the world! 

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Save the date!

17th to 18th of August 2019

From the 17th to 18th of August 2019 the family around Klaus Hebmüller will organize the next HEBMÜLLER KAROSSERIE MEETING in Meerbusch.
One highlight is the ride with all Hebmüller Type 14A to the old factory in Wülfrath, like in 2014.

We plan with a new wolrd record between 30 and 40 Type 14A convertibles! The actual world record is 29 cars from 2009 in Hessisch Oldendorf.

Don´t miss it!

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